To complete this course of study successfully, please read the study units, listen to the audio and videos, do all the assignments, open the links and read, participate in discussion fora, read the recommended books and other materials provided, prepare your portfolios, and participate in the online facilitation. Each study unit has an introduction, intended learning outcomes, the main content, conclusion, summary and references/further readings. The introductory part will tell you the expectations in the study unit. You must read and understand the intended learning outcomes (ILOs). In the intended learning outcomes, you will come across what you should be able to do at the end of each study unit. So, you can evaluate your learning at the end of each unit to ensure you have achieved the intended learning outcomes. For you to achieve this goal, that is, to meet the intended learning outcomes, there are texts, videos and links arranged into modules and units in the study material. Do not ignore any of these, rather, you should click on the links as may be directed, but where you are reading the text offline, you will have to copy and paste the link address into a browser. You can download the audio and videos to view offline. You can also print or download the text and save it on your computer, android or any other external drive.

The conclusion tells you the subject matter of the unit, which indicates the knowledge that you are taking away from the unit. Unit summaries are recaps of what you have studied in the unit. It is presented in downloadable audio and videos. The references/further readings are other study materials like journals, encyclopedias, books etc. that were either used in the cause of preparing this study material or not used but could be of help in enhancing further what you have studied in this material.

There are two main forms of assessment the formative and the summative. The formative assessment will help you monitor your learning. This is presented as in-text questions, discussion forums and self- Assessment Exercises. The summative assessments would be used by the university to evaluate your academic performance. This will be given as a Computer Based Test (CBT) which serves as continuous assessment and final examination. A minimum of two or a maximum of three computer-based tests will be given with only one final examination at the end of the semester. You are required to take all the computer- based tests and the final examination.